Ranks are subject to change, i have based the ranks by overall acvtiveness, if u are not seen at least once a week ur ranks will be dropped to inactive, once u start becomming active again you're rank will be reported on the site and you will have to work your way back up the ranks... if u get grounded or have a legit reason for not being around, let me know and your rank will stay unless other people pass you up... if you have any other questions about the ranking ... Let us know!.

B.net Account Rank AIM ICQ Job/Responcibilities
(SiC)TooL Elder SlipKnoT0kId 101104510 WebDesign/Recruiter
(SiC)Exile Elder/Technical Eternal Exiling 26891935 Head Web Design
(SiC)FireBat High Council Nellyjam N/A Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)fkr4u High Council Hono Hue N/A Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)][nTeR High Council Elemental387 N/A Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)CaRnAgE Warrior N/A 71580442 Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)Dawg Warrior Oo Dark Dawg oO N/A Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)Krazy Warrior kI2azy one N/A Gamer/Programmer
(SiC)PsYkoFrEaK Warrior N/A N/A Gamer
(SiC)Bustacap Warrior RuffSk8a N/A Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)MudVayne Warrior N/A N/A Gamer/Recruiter
(SiC)Razor266 Warrior N/A N/A Gamer
(SiC)|L|!|N|K|S Warrior JeSsOn708 N/A Gamer
(SiC)FireBird Warrior SoulBro3288 N/A Gamer
Channel: SiC
AIM: SlipKnoT0kId
ICQ#: 101104510
_,.-`-.,_ ThE SiCNeSS _,.-`-.,_