6/25 Exile - Webmaster

Due to some "technical difficulties", anyone who submitted their member profile before 11:50ish PM on today (monday) please resubmit. Sorry for the trouble and "thank you for your patience" as the Battle.net team would say when d2 realms are down....


6/24 Exile - Webmaster
I added 5 new pages to the site [Downloads/Strategy/Polls/Clan Info/Rules]. These are currently underconstruction, but should be up shortly (rules page has been started). The downloads section is going to consist of files and map. Please submit any files or maps you think we should post to.... Exiling@hotmail.com. Clan info will consist of profiles for each member. I will make a submission form shortly where you can enter your information. Click HERE to visit the submission form


6/23 Exile - Webmaster
I'm Back =), Nothing new so far


6/23 Exile - Head Webmaster
Well, I also won't be around much tomorrow. I have to goto the annual company picnic (blah). Oh well. Neways, as you probably already saw I made a crappy little flash intro to tide us over. Keep up da good work and good luck.


6/22 Tool
Yo sup yallz, i just wanted to let all of you know not to look for me tomorrow because im going to Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure tomorrow for a friend's birthday party... but keep comming back to the site for more update... Exile has pretty much taken over the job as main webmaster... his ideas really kick ass and will help our clan reach the top. well later.. and dont forget to vote for us and post on the forum!!

6/22 Exile - Head Webmaster
Well, as of now, I've completely redone the format of the site. It is now setup on a frame basis, and thus tripod will probably have more pop-up ads, but bear with it =). I'll get some of the other pages redone also when I have more time. One more thing, front page will now have recent updates and newspage will contain all available updates. Considering the increased complexity of the site now, if you are not very good at HTML you will totaly fuck it up. If you want me to write and update or something for you PLEASE feel free to do so. Thanks You


6/21 Exile - Head Webmaster
I'm trying out some new weblayout for the site. Hope ya like it =). If you have any comments or suggestions just talk to me at AIM SN=Eternal Exiling

Posted by:LoSt4LiFe
 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Hey guys this is amazing how much this clan is progressing at such a fast rate, I mean the web site alone is being updated everyother minute! Just gotta let you guys know when I'm at my Mom's house im 24/7, but when im at my Dad's Im not on as much because he can be a jack.We are going to have clan meeting some time sighn the forum to tell us what is a good time of week/day to have the meeting. WE NEED TO RECRUIT! GUYS GO THE HELL OUT THEIR AND RECRUIT YOUR ASSES OFF! But please do remember that we do not recruit newbies unless they have some other skill to offer the clan such as hacking java html etc. Oh yeah (SiC)[Dark] looks at porn if im not mistaken, LOL - LoSt4LiFe

Posted by:TooL

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Man we've been updating this site like there's no tomorrow, finished the ranks page as of now.. if ur not on it and ur still active in the clan... let me know but i only added the active members on the page.. dont just think if u come whining to one of the leaders that you should get a higher rank.. because we give higher ranks for things that we see, POST ON THE FORUM!!:) well keep coming back this site is constantly being updated.. - TooL

Posted by:][nTeR

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/Hey everyone, TooL LoSt4LiFe and ][nTeR (me) have been working on this site to make it as best as we can, we have making a big difference everyday and this shall continue for about 1-3 weeks. Another thing is we need to start recruiting more so all the recruiters out there start recruiting good gamers, please DON'T RECRUIT NEWBIES!!! If you are not on the member list, please tell one of us and we will add you on here in the next 24 hours. Thanks and keep up the good work! - ][nTeR

Posted by:TooL

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Well ive done a shitload of work on the site today, we tried to get soem flash buttons for the site but couldnt figure out how to get them to work on the site... 3 webmasters now so the site will be updated constantly and keep having improovements made, all 3 webmasters are myself (TooL), ][nTeR, and LoSt4LiFe.. if you want anything on the page that isnt on here talk to one of us... i put 3 ranks up, they are the only ranks ive decided o nfor right now, we are going to need to have a clan meeting and decide on who deserves what ranks and all that other junk. May i suggest signing the forum? :) we made the forum and for all of you that havent signed it yet or just have a topic u would like us to discuss post in on the forum, well thats all for now. - TooL

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