7/03 TooL - Webmaster
Do to some more "technical difficulties" the site hasnt been up and hasnt been updated is because a certain LoSt4LiFe has been erasing new pages and has been messing up the site because he decided to be a homo and leave the clan and delete the site, well im glad to those of you who stayedi nthe clan and just a little mad that some people left because the site wasnt up and because i was grounded and couldnt get on... well just to let you know clan is not dead so if u left rejoin and i wont get mad... well i updated members section and added enemies and made a fag/lamers list on the enemies page so go check that out and make sure u stay away from these fags and lamers..
6/25 Exile - Webmaster

Due to some "technical difficulties", anyone who submitted their member profile before 11:50ish PM on today (monday) please resubmit. Sorry for the trouble and "thank you for your patience" as the team would say when d2 realms are down....

6/24 Exile - Webmaster
I added 5 new pages to the site [Downloads/Strategy/Polls/Clan Info/Rules]. These are currently underconstruction, but should be up shortly (rules page has been started). The downloads section is going to consist of files and map. Please submit any files or maps you think we should post to.... Clan info will consist of profiles for each member. I will make a submission form shortly where you can enter your information. Click HERE to visit the submission form
6/19 Tool & ][nTeR

The SiCNeSS is a brand new clan to to, we only recruit people who are good gamers, we DO NOT recruit newbies. If you are interested in joining, go to channel: SiC on the East Realm and look for (SiC)TooL or (SiC)][nTeR, they will test you and deside if you are good enough. If you have a problem with somebody, come to one of us and we will help solve the problem, we don't need problems in the clan.
-----TooL & ][nTeR -----

Channel: SiC
AIM: SlipKnoT0kId

ICQ#: 101104510