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So you think you're got what it takes to be part of ThE SiCNeSS? Well here you'll find out how to join... To join ThE SiCNeSS all you have to do is be dedicated and be able to play some role in the clan... e.g.: (SiC)TooL is leader and webmaster- if you can do anything to help out the clan, doing anything at all that would make us look that much better then fill out an e-mail with this info on it...

Don't Forget to check out the clan rules page before you decide to join!!! (link on the left)

What is your current Battle.net Account?

What is your first name?

Do you have the Starcraft: Brood Wars expansion?
Yes? No?
What is your best race?
How often are you online gaming/talking/etc...?
What is your connection speed?
What is your AIM Screen Name?
ICQ # ? (Note: You must have or obtain either a SN or a ICQ number)
Why do you want to join the Sicness?
On a Scale of 1 - 10 (10 being best), How would you rank your skill level
How can you help the clan?
Click to Submit Form..... Click to Star over again.....

After you've filled out the form it will be replied to within 24 hours, if you would like to join faster and easier go to Channel SiC on the East Realm and if (SiC)TooL or (SiC)][nTeR is in there ask them how to join...
Channel: SiC
AIM: SlipKnoT0kId
ICQ#: 101104510
_,.-`-.,_ ThE SiCNeSS _,.-`-.,_